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How to Glow Through Severe Morning Sickness When Pregnant

Catherine the Duchess of York is finding out the hard way that being pregnant can be, shall we say, less than romantic. Between the tenderness in areas that never hurt before and morning, noon and night sickness that for some results in dehydration so severe it can only be helped with a trip to the hospital and an IV; pregnancy can be a royal (no pun intended) pain for any female. Does it make anyone else feel better to know that nausea doesn’t give royalty a skate? Not that I would wish HG (Severe Morning Sickness Hyperemesis gravidarum) on anybody. If you have ever suffered from morning sickness; then you know it makes you wonder why those with deep pockets don't go the surrogacy route. Oh well, kudos to them for doing things the old-fashioned way!

Did You Glow When You Were Pregnant

The only "glow" that I could lay claim to especially in the first three months that I was pregnant was the red-faced look that came from spending hours at a time with my head hanging over the toilet. I may have also been a tiny bit flushed when my blood pressure shot up from eating too much salt.

I would like to know if somebody out there really experienced the glowing look that people attribute to being pregnant. And if you did; please tell us how you managed it!

Word is that paying close attention to your diet, meditation schedule and exercise regimen will help you to get your "glow" on but since I did good to monitor my caloric intake and nutrition let alone having time for yoga; you can’t prove it by me.

Meanwhile, I’m sending up prayers not just for Kate but for all women who are finding out the hard way that those precious babies don’t always come easy. I wouldn’t have traded the moment I first felt that flutter of life for anything in the world…but glowing wasn’t in my wheelhouse.