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Any mommy worth her eco-friendly salt is well aware of all the hubbub surrounding BPA and how it might be sneaking its way into her baby. To think that we've been pumping breast milk like Elsie the Cow on crack so that baby will have all the best start in life only to put it in containers that may be making it, shall we say, less desirable health wise.

The answer seems to get back to basics; glass and stainless steel are the top choices. A couple of companies are going to rack up big bucks off this scare. One of which is the Born Free company which is reported to be back ordered on its chemical free, safe baby products. I say they deserve every darn dime because they were doing it right ahead of time. Nobody had to draw a line and pull the plug on them to get them to step up to the plate and make the best sippy cups that they could with the knowledge that they had. But, moving on.....

Like all this isn't enough to make you feel guilty for life, to think you were the one loving that Sponge Bob Square Pants bright yellow baby bottle and all...enter in the complaint that alleges that there are supplements that have been added to some baby formulas that are made with some kind of petrochemical that causes babies to vomit and have diarrhea.

It seems the supplements start out naturally enough. It's hard to get more natural than algae and soil fungus, right? Then, hexane enters into the extraction process and hexane is alleged to UN-natural. To put it in scientific terms, hexane is a neurotoxic petrochemical solvent and no, I'm not a scientist and don't claim to have a degree in science. However, there were about 100 cases documented where infants on formulas containing these supplements had the aforementioned symptoms (and I'm not a lawyer either in case you were impressed with the legal sounding jargon) but these babies anecdotally improved when their formulas were changed to supplement-free formula. Darling, do you have to be a science major to figure that one out?