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The Jean Debate at My House

I adore my designer jeans although to be honest, there are days that they don't seem to fit the same as they did on the day that I found them on sale. (wonder why?) Anybody else have this issue? I could care less as the day you get a discount on these cool jeans is a red letter day and I'm thankful for each and every moment of the days they fit my tush nicely because these jeans are so cool!

Anyway, am I wrong to think that my rear deserves expensive designer blue jeans but not my girls? I really don't want my sweet little baby girl to be "hot", I don't even want to consider her lukewarm at the moment. Did I mention that these jeans are pricey as heck? Yep, they are in the $200.00 range or thereabouts,(I paid less than that for my Johnny jeans!) Matching mommy and baby girl jeans might be cute but not at that price.