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We are down south right now and look to be here for awhile. For once we are southerners at the right time of year! I have mentioned to my mom that it would be nice if she came down and spent some time and we'd make it a point to do some sightseeing and travelling (that SHE loves to do) while she's here.

She got down right snarky about it and said no thank you, I doubt there's anything that I'd care to see down there. DOWN THERE???? Where does she think I am? In another country or in Hell? I have told her time and time again just how lovely the countryside and the people are here and she's completely ignored me. You know what she said this time along with other negative remarks? "It's so damp and HUMID down there" Again she's with the "down there" thing.

Well, I talked to my poor cousin in California today and she sent me pics of the wildfires raging within sight of her bedroom window! She said she would ADORE to come here but didn't feel she should leave her home. I told her she was welcome whenever she could come and told her the reason mom wasn't interested in taking me up on my invitation for the winter. She laughed and said that the entire state of California and many others would be thankful for more good old fashioned humidity. In her book, humidity is preferable to out of control fires any day of the week.

My feelings are hurt that mother uses humidity, which is only an issue in summer anyway, to not come. I plan to clear my mind by going to some of the charming towns that I've heard about while I'm in the area. I've been to Oxford many times, but may make another trip. You would be amazed at the movie stars, writers and famous musicians that are on that square at any given time. I've stood side by side with John Grisham at Square Books and chatted with the director/producer of some Cameron Diaz movie (Something About Mary?).

Hear that mom? Even famous people love it "down there".