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Cool Weather Doesn't Mean I Can Quilt

I finally got the nice cool weather I'd been asking for. FINALLY! Now I'm in the mood to do all those crafts and stuff it's been too hot to do! I'd love to make a baby quilt but I am just not sure that I know my way around a frame or a hoop or whatever you have to have to make a quilt.

Now, I'm on the lookout for quilt patterns for babies. I'm too impatient to sew by hand, but the sewing machine should move things right along if I could just figure out how to keep the bobbin thread from getting all twisted up. Just because it's cooler outside doesn't mean that my needlework will improve, does it?

Three Year Olds and Church

Well, now I've been humbled before, but DH got it GOOD Wednesday night. I'm telling you he came in from work with his stinger out ready to scrap (verbally of course) with any and everybody.

The girls knew to give a wide berth to their ill tempered daddy. We didn't even make the mistake on this particular afternoon to say, "What's wrong?" Apparently kids learn from their mistakes. Once or twice a year this mood hits and in the past we asked...we quickly found out either we really don't care or we really don't want to know.

The evening moved forward and at 6:30pm we headed out to church leaving hubby and his snarky mood behind in the wake of three girls going for religious training. Classes let out and we congregated for a closing moment in the main sanctuary. At the end, the pastor always asks for prayer requests and lo and behold who raises her hand like a shot? My Cass and wouldn't you know it she was two rows in front of me out of reach and she PRETENDED to be out of earshot, too!

The pastor might have thought he was going to skim over her, but not my Cass! When he failed to acknowledge her raised hand, she called his name! OH LAWD!!! Right in the middle of church. I suppose he felt he had no choice but to call on her and he did so. She rang out clear as a bell that she wanted prayer for her daddy because he was acting UGLY! This child whom even I have trouble understanding at times spoke without so much as a lisp when telling off on one of her parents! Ouch!

Who am I to argue with success? When we got home he had calmed down and was darn near apologetic! Thank you Jesus!



Hubby and I went shopping Sunday in search of some jeans for him. For some reason he thinks that the jeans at Goody's are the best. I wasn't enthusiastic about going there because I just don't care for their lines of lady's clothing. Since I was there anyway I thought I'd take a look at their baby clothing.

The only thing that caught my eye was some pink camouflage pants with matching pink or green tops that were colorful and cute. The price was good and the fabric seemed sturdy and I almost picked a pair of pants and a top up to buy. Then it struck me that we are neither a military family nor do we hunt. It almost seemed that I would be sending an incorrect message about who we were by buying the camouflage clothes for the baby.

I see camouflage strollers for boys and girls, camouflage diaper bags for dads and camouflage baby bedding and nursery themes. Are hunters and soldiers children the only customers for these baby items or are they considered the same as any print and to be enjoyed by anybody? I mean we wear duck and kitty cat prints and we don't own either as a pet. So is camo print the same thing? Just a pattern with no meaning? I certainly would love to hear some thoughts and comments on this one!

Do people think kids wearing camo are affiliated with a hunting camp or a branch of the military or just wearing trendy clothes for fall?


What do brown ticks and babies have to do with fashion? Well, not very much but this baby story deserves to be blogged because it was so cute that I wanted to share it with our visitors. Sometimes real life stuff trumps new fall designer clothes for babies.

The children were playing in the front yard yesterday and once when the ball the were playing with bounced into a wooded area, the older of the girls ventured into the brush to fetch it. She was the hero of the afternoon's activities. Even the toddler recognized bravery and her act of self sacrifice was rewarded with cheers and enthusiastic applause. As the adult in charge, I saw the relief on the hero's face that she made it in and out of the underbrush with no injuries, snake bites or other mishaps. At least that's the way it seemed at the time.

That night the order was administered for all to ready for bathtime as per the normal routine. I was finishing up the dishes when our two year old came toddling
into the kitchen lisping that Ninny Bayuh (Lyndy Beth) has a "ticket". I was mildly inquisitive but nothing alarming about a "ticket" right? I remembered there was a pre-school "circus" coming up so I thought teacher had passed some free tickets to the kids. So, on I go putting up plates and cups.

This went on a few more minutes and I saw that the little one was looking at me with that "What kind of mother are you?" look on her face. I gave pause and said, "Wow! Sissy has a ticket! That's so nice!" Now things began to get serious as her little face crumpled and she told me that I was just MEAN!

Confused as I was I followed her down the hall directing her to get ready for her bath! She cut left into the bathroom and I considered cutting a hard right into the nursery to pick up a few clothes while they were entertained in their baths. I don't know why, but my eyes veered to the left behind little one and I saw Lyndy inspecting her tummy while perched on the side of the tub.

I headed over to see what was so fascinating about her belly button and found that she had not come through her heroic moment unscathed. Yes, you guessed it; a nasty engorged blood sucker was fastened to my brave little girl's stomach. ICK!!! She was not nearly as upset as I was at this time, but when I fished the tweezers out of the drawer and told her I'd have to pull it out she wasn't very pleased to say the least.

So, that's the connection between brown deer ticks, babies and a circus. Ok, so now tell me about YOUR day!



Clothes with a big grinning monkey printed or embroidered on them are all over the place this fall. I can remember my mom making me sock monkeys as a kid. She said everybody had one when she was coming up. I can remember one mean little kid making fun of mine and I hid it behind the toybox so mom wouldn't notice that I didn't play with it anymore.
I'm sure she notice, but didn't say a word. I wonder what my little ones hide from me now so that "I" won't get my feelings hurt. I wonder if small children will ever appreciate the time we take to do special things for them? As I sit here and type, I realize that mean little girl was probably jealous. I should've told her to sit on a tack.