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I posted a while back about how peeved I was that a whopping big ass floor fan that we had only used a season or so bit the dust, while my mom's fan from years back worked like a top. Well, I figured that pitiful piece of equipment that was made so cheap as to be laughable filled up our garbage dump unnecessarily.

I am not religious about being Vegan, but I try. Begin FREEGAN is something that I feel I could really be passionate about. The less crap we consume, the less fuel that gets burned to make the crap, right? But, some things like fans are necessary. Baby heat rash on a hundred degree day (especially when one of them has MRSA) does not make for happy faces if you know what I mean.

Isn't it just as important to make quality items rather than throw away plastic? Does it do any good for people to jump on board the Freegan band wagon if our necessities are of such poor quality that we have to throw them away at three times the rate that our parents or grandparents did?