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MRSA - Did the Gym Staff Give My Baby a Staph Infection?

I should've called this baby and family blog "Just When You Think" cause just when I think things are going pretty well life blindsides me and proves me wrong. Life with a house full of children and a demanding husband can really get my goat sometimes but I keep telling myself it's the journey not the destination and try to find something to enjoy and treasure about each and every day.


Any mom worth her salt will understand the reason for my negative attitude; I just found out that my baby has MRSA and will have to take all these powerful antibiotics, etc. etc. to deal with it. I completely admit that I don't know all there is to know(or all that I SHOULD know, or all that I WILL know before the day is over) about staph infections of any kind. There was some chat recently at the gym where DH goes that some of the staff members had developed or come down with cases of MRSA. Does this mean that my DH brought it home to baby?

This baby has had a time of it from the day she was born! She has allergies that were completely misdiagnosed by the pediatrician as eczema that caused to be covered in hives for the better part of her first year. She's allergic to peanuts, eggs, dairy and all the usual culprits and I have to watch her like a hawk for fear she'll pick up something she's not supposed to. And then there's the asthma and now this!

Sweet Jesus! We'll make it, but forgive me my Friday afternoon pity party, ok?

Has anybody else dealt with MRSA? I would love to hear from you and how it's affected your life. I believe that forewarned can be forearmed and I really need the support! Thanks for reading. C