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Well, just when you think the week's gonna fly by with no real problems, hubby blows through the door asking what I'd charged on the credit card. I'm sure I looked kind of like a fish gasping for air for a minute, standing there with my bright yellow playtex gloves dripping from the dish water that I'd been happily swishing around in until I turned in shock.

Quickly making a mental credit history, I thought to ask him exactly WHICH credit card to which he was referring. He dug the offensive piece of plastic out of his wallet and began reading the numbers off of the front. After firing them off like a drill sergeant he stood there expecting an explanation. Like I memorize all of our credit card numbers? Peeling off the gloves, asked to take a look.

The numbers still were sharply raised on the cards so I knew that it had to be one of the newer credit cards in our inventory. Sure enough, it was the most recent credit card that we had received and I had reserved it specifically for expenditures related to advertising my blog on a few paid directories on the net. Last week I submitted this very blog to several of the less expensive directories. Don't ask me why he chose this particular card to gas up the car but here we were having an apparent standoff over the charges. Guiltily I explained to him that I had charged a little advertising for my blog. He then informed me that my "inexpensive advertising" had maxed out the credit limit to the point that the gas pump had kicked the card back.

I was in total shock because I knew the credit on the card was supposed to have a higher limit than what I had charged.
I got on the phone and called the company that had issued the card to find that they had put a lock on the account due to suspicious activity. The activity in question were charges coming from overseas. One in particular that really hacked me off were charges from Scotland to pay for what appeared to be a vacation in the UK!
The good thing is that even though I didn't pay for the pricey credit card insurance, they caught things before they got out of hand and are sending me a new card.

My question is, where did the thieves get my information? Could it be that some of the directories that I had paid passed my numbers around?