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Somebody finally is getting wise and tapping into the market of people who want clean homes but like the idea of breathing in toxic fumes or absorbing them through their socks. The people at Clorox have decided to offer a more green, eco-friendly option. You can even pick the stuff up on your weekly (or daily if you are like me) trip to Walmart.

Their new product, Green Works is said to be environmentally friendly, natural and biodegradable. Darn it, somebody out there may just be listening! Now, if it just works. I began long ago trying my best to ditch as many chemicals in my daily life as I possibly could. Cancer rates in one branch of my family has been sky high for generations. So high that eco-friendly cleaners are great, but non-carcinogenic is rated even higher.

I know that there are worlds of sites with recipes for making your own cleaning powders and solutions at home, but most of the stuff just didn’t work worth a darn! If you scrub long enough and hard enough plain, clear water will work eventually. I want something natural that will cut grease, girlfriend! One natural thing that DOES WORK better than it’s chemical laden counterparts is vinegar. That stuff cleans a floor really well.

I’m sure that there are other non-cancer causing agents and concoctions that will clean a kitchen and bathroom but I don’t know what they might be. What green cleaning solutions have you found that actually work? Please send them in, my house is in dire need of cleaning, but fume free! ;-)