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For the record I'm loving the contact and comments from other moms in regards to child discipline versus child abuse etc. etc. I can still close my eyes and see that lady that I felt that I admired swinging around to hit her child in the back seat. Yes, it was that disturbing to me.

Okay let's move past that unpleasant event on to something else that's bugging me. My blog is acting crazy. My computer is relatively new and runs like a top so long as I don't type in the address to my very own baby blog! Yes, I'm having difficulties getting this blog that you are reading right now to load without locking up the whole system!

I have several ideas of what could be causing my blog to run so slow but I would appreciate some feedback from the rest of you who are more experienced in the world of blogging. I saw that one poster had had the same experience after she put some items in her sidebar. I have several items in my own sidebar, but how do I know which one is causing the problems? Plus, I really don't want to delete my blogrolls do I? I was about to install a "Do Follow" emblem but I'm afraid that it will cause a complete system failure!

I see lots of other mommy and baby and women empowerment blogs with many more widgets, links, advertisements and blog rolls than I have that same to load much faster than mine. Is this something that's commong with blogger templates? If anybody has any ideas, tips or tricks to fix this problem I would appreciate your help and suggestions.