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The world is a wonderful place for my girls right now! Cass loves riding her little car in the carport and big sister is trying out her big girl bicycle with training wheels. Lately we have had days warm enough to take the whole crew walking down the dirt road near our temporary home. We went to the park at the lake that is a few miles away from where we live. The wind was wickedly blowing everybody’s hair and we’ve decided that we hate the wind even in warm temps.
The oldest said awhile back that she really didn’t like winter because of all the cold air, the rest of it was really ok. How profound a statement coming from such a small girl.

She is really amazing to me right now, every ride to the library or to the store brings on conversations reagarding things she sees on the way. And I honestly believe that she would pack the library in the car and bring the whole children’s section of storybooks home with us.

Looking back, I can pat myself on the back for disciplining myself to always look I was excited myself when I made the announcement that it was time to head to the library. I also took the time to build friendships with the librarians so they would remember my children’s names which makes them feel SO special. The reward to this method of parenting is that a trip to the local library is almost equal to a trip to Santa’s workshop at my house. What wonderful days when the good times are free but they don’t come with no effort. Mommy had to lay the groundwork and schedule the trips for optimal post-nap or early morning time frames when babies are more prone to smile and charm people they meet.
A small price to pay to see even the little one show such excitement over the prospect of FREE books.