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Against all odds we managed to make a zoo trip yesterday. It was the last day of that some of the exhibits were open and I was determined to make the trip. It was Cass' first time to stroll through and Lyndi and Allyson had not seen the exhibits that I mentioned.

The umbrella stroller was at Mamaw's house (of course) so we had to jam the BOB into the hatch. The danger in this was that even in the collapsed state, it was impossible to keep some of the frame from being lodged against the glass of the door. The prospect of hauling one and possibly two solidly built little girls through the zoo was not appealing, busted door glass or no. The BOB had to fit one way or the other. I wound up dumping some of the other contents in the middle of the carport (they're still there) and engaging in plenty of pushing and twisting to get it wedged in place, but ultimately I was able to slam the door shut without hearing anything crack.

Things started off well enough, but 30 miles into the journey there began to be signs of stress from the three sisters in the back seat. The complaints ranged from the usual "She's hogging the seat" to "Her finger is too close to me". Her FINGER?

Then the biggest one started to complain that the oversized stroller was pushing her seat into an uncomfortable position. I explained to her that there was no easy fix for this and she would just have to make do. Then the middle one started to say her head was beginning to hurt and she was sure it was from the stroller tapping and scraping against the hatch door every time I hit a bump.

Finally, we arrive at our destination! I wrestled the stroller to the ground and loaded the underseat storage area with everything but the kitchen sink. I went around the vehicle to unbuckle the littlest one and place her in the stroller (which operates like a dream, it's just big or my hatch is too small)raving about all the cool stuff she was about to see and then.....

she starts to scream that she doesn't WANT TO RIDE IN THE "CROLLER" she wants mommy to carry her!

And wouldn't you know, I had left the aspirin at home.