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Hubby and I went shopping Sunday in search of some jeans for him. For some reason he thinks that the jeans at Goody's are the best. I wasn't enthusiastic about going there because I just don't care for their lines of lady's clothing. Since I was there anyway I thought I'd take a look at their baby clothing.

The only thing that caught my eye was some pink camouflage pants with matching pink or green tops that were colorful and cute. The price was good and the fabric seemed sturdy and I almost picked a pair of pants and a top up to buy. Then it struck me that we are neither a military family nor do we hunt. It almost seemed that I would be sending an incorrect message about who we were by buying the camouflage clothes for the baby.

I see camouflage strollers for boys and girls, camouflage diaper bags for dads and camouflage baby bedding and nursery themes. Are hunters and soldiers children the only customers for these baby items or are they considered the same as any print and to be enjoyed by anybody? I mean we wear duck and kitty cat prints and we don't own either as a pet. So is camo print the same thing? Just a pattern with no meaning? I certainly would love to hear some thoughts and comments on this one!

Do people think kids wearing camo are affiliated with a hunting camp or a branch of the military or just wearing trendy clothes for fall?