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Creating a Baby Safe Sleep Environment

A beautiful, decorated nursery is lovely but creating a baby safe sleep environment should be the first order of business when a newborn is expected. The facts are that while fluffy pillows, quilts and bumper pads are cute but they just aren't safe.

Crib bumpers are a hot topic with a lot of moms and while it's true that they continue to be included in most crib set collections; their use is no longer recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Some moms say that they are worried about their baby's legs slipping through the crib rails during the night. Maybe a sleeper could solve this problem. Take a look.

Obsessing over the nightmare of SIDS has kept me awake many nights. It seems just when I start to relax about it and focus (read: obsess) on some other issue; the news of another angel taken all too soon comes my way leaving grieving, guilt-ridden parents looking to blame themselves, a toxic environment or faulty crib bedding.

The first step in being certain that the crib is safe for baby is to educate yourself. Keep up with new information on SIDS, research and products to reduce the risk. At the moment we don't have all the answers as to whether SIDS is due to physical or environmental problems; education is the key to creating a baby safe sleep environment that is as close to perfect as we can get.


Dora said...

Wonderful post! It is really essential to prepare safe and fresh sleep environment for your baby cause the sleep is one of the most important processes and the little baby should feel peaceful while sleeping!