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Before Giving Birth My Personal Pregnancy Bucket List

Women who have a pregnancy and a baby or two under their belt know that there's lots of stuff to do before giving birth. First-time moms have fun stuff on their to-do list like decorating a nursery for baby, putting together a layette and arranging all those sweet, little baby clothes inside the closet. As a mom that has more than one; I'm here to tell first-timers to go ahead and fold them and put them in the dresser drawers, hang them in the closet or whatever but do not dawdle over this; there are bigger fish to fry and more important things to do right now than making sure the baby's outfits are organized.

The purpose of this article is to send these soon-to-be mommies a message that their world is about to be completely taken over by the love and care of a newborn and the time to indulge yourself a little is now! You see, for the next couple of years, you will come to view taking a little time for yourself even if it’s to perform the most basic of self-maintenance procedures as an almost sinfully delightful self-indulgence.

Here are a few things every pregnant woman should do before the little angel arrives and turns her world topsy turvy. If you are already a parent and pregnant with a second, third or fourth, the recommendations that follow will still apply. You know what’s coming and that’s even more reason for you to take my suggestions and tick off the items on this list! Call the kids’ grandmother, get a sitter and get started!

Spend Time with Friends
Starting with your childless friends, set up lunch dates or invite them to just drop in for a visit. You will not automatically become friendless after baby arrives but you may find yourself having less in common with couples who are child-free. Contact your girlfriends that are already parents and encourage them to get a babysitter so that you can have a nice, long chat and catch up with NO baby talk allowed. Revisit your friendship the way it was pre-baby.

Visit the hairdresser to get a cute, low-maintenance haircut, a do that doesn’t require constant attention to look nice, invest in a mani-pedi so that your toes look pretty in the stirrups and while you’re at it; get a massage. Nobody’s saying to let yourself go after baby arrives but quick fixes are mommy’s best friend. And who wants to take a new baby to the hair salon where the air is filled with the smell of perm solution and hairspray? Not me!

While you’re looking pretty and fresh out of the salon, plan a date night with your significant other. Get reservations at a favorite restaurant that holds special meaning for the two of you as a couple, visit museums or art exhibits that will frown on patrons showing up with a fussy baby in tow. Do adult things that you will not be able to do after giving birth. And cuddle..cuddle a lot!

The future is uncertain but one thing is for sure; your life is about to change. Be spontaneous and make spur of the moment plans; every aspect of your life is about to be on a schedule beyond your control. Now is the time to snuggle, hold hands and take naps together. Give your baby the best gift of all, parents who love and cherish each other.

Thanks for stopping by, Oh Baby Green Living if you have some ideas for solving environmental problems, parenting tips or have something to add to my "pregnancy bucket list" of things to do before giving birth please leave a comment!


Creating a Baby Safe Sleep Environment

A beautiful, decorated nursery is lovely but creating a baby safe sleep environment should be the first order of business when a newborn is expected. The facts are that while fluffy pillows, quilts and bumper pads are cute but they just aren't safe.

Crib bumpers are a hot topic with a lot of moms and while it's true that they continue to be included in most crib set collections; their use is no longer recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Some moms say that they are worried about their baby's legs slipping through the crib rails during the night. Maybe a sleeper could solve this problem. Take a look.

Obsessing over the nightmare of SIDS has kept me awake many nights. It seems just when I start to relax about it and focus (read: obsess) on some other issue; the news of another angel taken all too soon comes my way leaving grieving, guilt-ridden parents looking to blame themselves, a toxic environment or faulty crib bedding.

The first step in being certain that the crib is safe for baby is to educate yourself. Keep up with new information on SIDS, research and products to reduce the risk. At the moment we don't have all the answers as to whether SIDS is due to physical or environmental problems; education is the key to creating a baby safe sleep environment that is as close to perfect as we can get.


Get Ready to Mow the Grass on the Roof

Is it time to get ready to mow the grass on the roof! Could it be that very soon when it's time to mow the lawn that we not only need to haul out the trusty lawnmower but drag out a step ladder to climb up on the roof to finish the job after the "lower" lawn has been trimmed? Will we be weed-eating around the edge of the gutters in the near future?

This is a trend that I've watched spreading from large American cities on up into Toronto, Canada. In fact, an article published by Crisp Green it was announced that our Canadian friends are introducing a bylaw that requires all industrial buildings over 2000 square meters in size to have green roofs covering anywhere from 20 to 60 percent of the roof area with the percentage depending on the size of roof. In years 2009 and 2010 the city had already introduced bylaws that included residential as well as commercial structures of that size and is now targeting industrial buildings.

Knowing that traditional roofing materials are not that eco-friendly and that green roofs are very well...GREEN, this seemed to me to be a move in the right direction. It makes an environmentalist's heart pound to think of replacing shingles with lush greenery that will reduce fuel consumption through lower heating and cooling bills via its insulating properties and grass is just prettier than gravel covered tar paper!

BUT...yeah, that's right; there's a big ol' but about to bust our bubble.

You see, I'm as big a fan of preserving freedom as I am of going green and they are MANDATING what kind of roof people put on their houses. I don't really like it when laws are made tending to the minute details of my life. Even if the mandates result in something really good; I wonder what directives they are going to come up with next and whether or not my budget could handle the cost of a greener, better roofing system.

You see, one of the biggest drawbacks (negatives) of having a green roof is the expensive cost of installation. Just like shingle roofs, a green roof will "keep you covered" for many years but they are pricey.

The recent laws set for by the city of Toronto apply to new construction which basically means that contractors will need to allow room in THEIR budget to cover a new, improved roof. I can imagine with downturn of the economy that this is a less than popular law. It would be wonderful if going green were more affordable but it's not so there's no reason for my DH to get ready to grow the grass on the roof just yet.