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I was talking to my neighbor today and she said she never had stuff to recycle. I said, and I quote "WHAT"??? Not wanting to get on the bad side of my next door neighbor, but I bet her a ($100) that I could go through her garbage can and come up with a huge pile of recyclable garbage.

She didn't jump at my offer and whether or not she has a dead body in her dumpster that she needs to hide is between her and the law but it did prompt me to start making a list of stuff to recycle in case she happens by my blog.


Who doesn't get more than enough junk mail? I get stacks upons stacks of the stuff and even though I try to go through the proper channels to get my name taken off of lists. The special papers from local stores and the like still get put under my mulch to block weeds so nothing goes to waste.

Other items that we toss before thinking things through (that I'll bet you were hiding in your garbage can...you know who you are) are blown out flipflops, old VHS video tapes, prescription bottles and styrofoam shipping peanuts.

Here's more stuff on my list to recycle:

JEANS: If they are so threadbare they show my buttocks, I cut squares to use in crafts projects and then recycle the rest.

And there's more! You can recycle everything from your shredded bank statements to your old car tires. Even your old sheets and shower curtains can be given a second shot at usefulness if you are creative, resourceful and will allow somebody to advise you as to how best reduce the amount of household garbage that you throw into the landfills!

Here's a list of stuff to recycle that has 50 items that those who are not up to snuff on green living practices might toss in the garbage.


Xenia said...

Great list, there's always stuff to recycle!

Thanks for stopping by!

Dawn Lopez said...

Hi there! I am your newest follower! What a cool and adorable blog!

Hope you will visit us over at www.justmarriedwithcoupons.com

Jenna said...

I am your newest follower from Friendly Friday (a couple days late) :). I would love for you to follow me back at:


Have a great day!

cmdweb said...

I have to say that junk mail is my pet hate. I now put quite a bit of straight it into our recycle bin without even opening the envelopes.
I've been through the rage period with it which culminated in my saving up my junk mail for several weeks and posting back to the various culprits in their reply paid envelopes so they'd have to foot the bill for it. Juvenile, but strangely satisfying...

Simone said...

Great list! Makes us stop and think, we can all do our bit to help the environment.