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I’m opening the floor for discussion on how to stop co-sleeping with my baby AND my older children. I’ve enjoyed a nice long run where my little ones slept within arms’ reach but as the size of my brood increases and the duration of hubby’s illness drags on, let’s say that co-sleeping with children and one infant is not that pleasurable or restful and I need help.

When this ball got rolling we never marked a date on the calendar setting a date for what age to stop co-sleeping. Frankly, I couldn’t think much past the desperate need for getting some sleep. Today, long after the ship has sailed I start to study up on how to stop co-sleeping and find that I should have conferred with my pediatrician about making a plan regarding my baby’s sleeping location. Oh, whatever..like my kids care what their doctor says.

After making light of involving a doctor in deciding when to stop co-sleeping, I do agree that I need a plan now that I can see that weaning time is drawing nigh. And after being sucker punched in the nose last night, I’m motivated but not sure how to stop co-sleeping without leaving my little ones feeling unwanted, unloved or abandoned. After checking into borrowing a portable crib for the little one, cost is no longer an issue. But do I need to move cots for the older children into the bedroom to ease the transition?

I was thinking something along the lines of gently moving the older children into the toddler beds after they go to sleep in our big bed and easing the baby into the travel crib. My husband called my idea “How to Stop Co-Sleeping for Sissies”. My response was that I prefer a gentle approach to parenting confident, independent children one baby step at a time.

Another reason that I’m working to make the transition as pain free and gradual as possible is because the idea of having to spend hours at a time rubbing little backs in the middle of the night because they woke up in a disoriented state is not appealing to me. Plus, I need some time to adjust to not being able to reach out and touch my girls to reassure myself that all is well during the night. Prolonged chronic illnesses and almost losing one can do that to a mom.

So, perhaps I should be asking for ideas on how to stop co-sleeping that are easy on both mother and child or any other parenting advice that you’d like to share I’m open to suggestions.


tracylynne said...

We are on our 3 night of my 9 1/2 month old sleeping through the night. We co-slept then put him in a playpen and now he is finally making it from 8-6 am that's great for us. I can't put him in his crib yet I just don't trust it the way he rolls around I am afraid he'll get his leg or arm caught in the sides. He's still way too little to sleep in a toddler bed a few more nights and I am going to try and move his playpen to his room I'll keep you posted

Amanda said...

I found your site when I googled how to stop co sleeping. Glad I'm not the only one. I am having a hard time. My son is almost 3 and we have a toddler bed right next to ours but he refuses to sleep in it. I didn't plan on co sleeping with him for the fact that my daughter who is 11 slept with us and still comes to our room in the middle of the night wanting to sleep with us. Not every night but often. My son slept in his crib until he was about 4 or 5 months he had got sick and was having trouble breathing so I was scared to leave him alone in his crib. I miss my husband even though he is in the same bed lol. I feel we never have alone time and it's taking it's toll. Plus now none of us are getting a good night sleep we are all uncomfortable! While I loved it when they were small I now want my bed back! I thought the toddler bed would work it worked for my daughter since she was with in arms reach she was ok until when she turned 5 I moved her into her own room. My son on the other hand has said he likes the big bed better. I'm starting to think I will never get my bed back lol. I keep telling myself that one day I will miss him in my bed but when he is pushing me onto the floor at 3 am I wonder!

Amanda said...

I am in the slightly same boat. I am a single mom to a 21 month old and we have been co-sleeping since the beginning. I could just never get her to go to sleep in the crib, co-sleeping was the only way I could get any sleep and consequently, I am also still nursing her at night. I never planned on doing this for so long but she wakes up every two hours, wanting to nurse back to sleep. I dont know what to do first. Move her into her crib in the nursery or stop nursing. Either way, I fear she will just scream all night long.