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A Step Forward and Two Back

Battling illness in my house follows a pattern, a step forward and two back or maybe it's three but who's counting, right? I haven't posted much on MRSA wound healing or our battle with staph lately. It's like I've been avoiding the pink elephant in the room that you hope will go away if you ignore it.

The step forward that I mentioned was that the worst of the wounds finally closed. You know you've taken a step forward when the wound care doctor and nurses join for a group cheer some with tears in their eyes and others threatening to tear their shoulders out of the socket patting themselves on the back for having the knowledge and skill to manage the gaping holes. The worst of the wounds now has a paper thin layer of skin joining the sides that is so fragile that it can't be soaked in a tub or scratched if it itches for fear of tearing it.

I hate not to leave our progress report on a completely positive note but yesterday another "bump" or "pimple" was found right alongside the previously mentioned "wonder wound". It's the new year and that means that the insurance deductible starts all over again PLUS the 20% that we have to pay even once that is met.

We were so hoping that we would have a reprieve from treatments and to catch up on old doctor and hospital bills and avoid bankruptcy. We are going to call the wound care clinic and see if they will just call in a prescription to see if a round of antibiotics will zap the bump without having to schedule an appointment.

Meanwhile, I'm going to take an attitude of gratitude and be thankful that we have had a step forward and that we are going to blast our way past the two back. Thanks for the well wishes and uplifting comments that have been left for us on Family Recipes, Babies and Parenting Issues and I hope that you will keep us in your prayers.