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Natural Pesticide Remedies for Your Garden

Wishful thinking tells me that we may have an early spring. I thought this year I’d look for natural pesticide remedies for your garden before we actually need the natural fly and bug repellent and before the caterpillars start chomping on those tasty green leaves in your vegetable garden.

The first of the natural garden solutions on my list is a smelly one. Apparently gardeners in the old days believed that insects had the same sense of smell that we enjoy and are perhaps naturally repelled by stuff that stinks just like humans.

As there should be no environmental dangers or health issues involved, you may want to give this cheap and easy (and hopefully harmless to humans) natural pesticide a shot. Mind you that I’m not giving any guarantees as I’m forwarding recipes for natural bug killers or repellents from old gardening journals filled with tips I have not experimented with personally. If you see that any of the natural pesticide remedies for your garden work or for that matter if they are useless, would you please report back and leave your opinions on its efficacy?

This natural garden solution makes use of the potato plant. The information in this handwritten journal of old, natural gardening tips states that the juice is of great value as a bug and insect killer. It’s certainly easy to brew up a batch. All you have to do is:

  • Cover the leaves and stems of the potato plant in enough water to cover, bring to a boil and then reduce heat to simmer for about 30 minutes.
  • Allow the liquid to cool and then fill the container of your garden sprayer with your homemade natural pesticide and spray on the garden plants or flowers that you want to protect from green and black flies, caterpillars and gnats that are enemies to your flower and vegetable garden.

With any luck and a green thumb, you should have less bugs and a bumper crop of produce.

There is a note that there will be a lingering odor (I’m thinking a rotten potato smell) that will have no detrimental effects on the growth or production of the plants. The journal further states that this is one of the best natural pesticide remedies for your garden and that the effects are long lasting.

I’m always in the market for cheap, natural garden solutions that kill those pesky bugs so let us know how you come out with this one.

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