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I’m here to tell you that the swine flu and MRSA infections are a painful match. My family is exhausted and while I feel that every day brings me a little relief from the symptoms, there are moments when I feel that I’m about to relapse...big time.

Of all times for the only adult male in the house to have a full blown MRSA episode this is not a great time and perhaps one of the worst. To give you some background that illness has kept me from sharing, the man of the house has had a little accident that has left him with some cuts and scrapes which at first seemed to be no big deal.

Moms who have been with me for awhile know that my baby (who has asthma and food allergies) got MRSA during a hospital stay. Well, a few days after daddy’s minor accident it is now clear that those abscesses, that we are all too familiar with, are starting to pop up in practically every place that he was scratched. One of them in particular is very painful and nasty, so I see rounds of antibiotics for our family in the future as a preventative measure.

Meanwhile, I’m on about day 5 of the swine flu and weak as a kitten with a houseful of kids and a sick man with a staph infection. The universe is being terribly unfair to dish out a case of the swine flu and MRSA in one single dose. More later, I’m off to scrape up some recipes made from as many anti-viral foods as I can find in the cabinets.


Anonymous said...

How can you be sure that you have the swine flu and not just the seasonal flu? Does it feel different, are there weird symptoms or what?

Anonymous said...

What a horrible time to have the flu! I had to have some blisters that were on my leg lanced that were the result of a staph infection and I can only suggest you show your husband some sympathy even though you feel awful. MRSA is painful.

Anonymous said...

What about your kids? Aren't you scared to death that the one who has asthma is going to catch it? And didn't I read somewhere in your blog that you are breastfeeding? Could the baby catch Swine flu through the breastmilk?

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