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coughing wheezing symptoms of asthma in children

Why I was so dumb to think that asthma in children had become an illness of the past much the same as polio and red measles would strike me as funny except that dealing with asthma is anything but fun. My older brother had asthma as a child but I was too little to remember anything about it except that my mother accused my father of being the cause of it because he smoked his pipe in the house.

As you can imagine, when my daughter starting presenting symptoms of asthma, the most noticeable being a persistent cough at night it came as a shock. Of course, that was before I did my homework and found that asthma in children was not only alive and well but very common in babies with allergies and eczema which made my infant a prime candidate for RAD (reactive airway disease which is a fancy, modern name for asthma) in spite of my diligent reading of vacuum cleaner reviews to see which models got the best consumer product ratings and reviews .

Her uncontrolled (and misdiagnosed) allergies early on made it impossible to manage her asthma symptoms and along with her MRSA and frequent upper respiratory infections kept me on edge to the point of exhaustion. I’m glad to report that as she has gotten older and her allergy triggers have been pinpointed, treatment has gotten more effective.

And the support network for parents with a child who suffers from this condition is fantastic! There are online screening quizzes to help parents identify the symptoms of asthma in children and information on asthma treatments for children so that you will be well educated and prepared to discuss whether or not your baby’s allergies and asthma symptoms with your doctor during your next visit.


Anonymous said...

You don't mention if you have tried medications that the doctor prescribed or if you are of the mind that there are natural as my remedies that are just as effective.

baby carriers backpacks said...

Our nephew had an asthma problem when he was a baby. His doctor gave him the wrong medicine and he had to use a vapor mist for a few years. He is fine now (8 years old) but the doctors tried all kinds of tests for allegies...always hard to pinpoint when they are little.

drcaligari said...

Thanks for sharing! I will use this information in my blog..

Sharon said...


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