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If there is one thing I want my writing to convey it’s that messing with body chemistry is not a good idea. I believe that we are so finely tuned that even something as innocuous as fragrances can knock us out of our comfort zone. Chemicals can make us sick either with an allergic reaction or by putting some slow moving malady into motion that takes so long to make itself known that we may have no clue as to what caused it.

This of course might make many companies very happy as they might otherwise be held accountable if we could actually pinpoint the exact product that poisoned us. If there is ever a method of locating the exact concoction that had an enough of an effect on our body’s chemistry to cause problems, you might expect more care being put into the research and testing phase before releasing new medicines, cleaning products or anything containing chemicals intended for use in our homes and especially around our kids. I would not be surprised to see some of the old stuff that has been around since before we were born getting a second glance either.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I wanted to drop a little hint on how chemistry can affect your love life and who use choose as your mate. Yes ma’am, I heard a disconcerting report on the chemistry of love and attraction. Or it may be more accurate to say how modern chemistry may have bearing on whom you choose to love.

Who would have ever dreamed that birth control and attraction might be connected? Well, as it turns out they are. Apparently nature in all her infinite wisdom designed us to be naturally attracted to people who are biologically different than ourselves. This was probably a defense mechanism to prevent humans from producing children born of incest, having miscarriages and fertility problems which we know is a good thing. Now we know after decades of using birth control pills which we know alter our body chemistry.

But what we may not have known was that they may cause us to bypass nature’s natural body chemistry of love and may cause us to choose mates who are MORE similar to ourselves. Who knows what the repercussions of this phenomenon might be (if the report is accurate), but I have filed it back as just another bit of evidence that we should never consider tampering with our bodies safe or advantageous nor should we do so without careful consideration.

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