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I was amazed at how few of the local restaurants open on Thanksgiving. Not that I could have squeezed even my favorite lasagna or fried raviolis down after all that pie I had awhile ago, but for those who had planned on going out to eat tonight might be in for an unpleasant surprise!

The trendy, upscale restaurants that are rather expensive usually do a booming business on evenings following major holidays around here. Working mothers don't want to spend the rare day off slaving over a hot stove. Or if they do cook a big turkey dinner with all the trimmings, they may want a little reward and well deserved rest after the family gathering is over and done with.

If you can find restaurants open on Thanksgiving and Christmas it would be ever so romantic to be treated. What a luxury to slip away to enjoy dinner where you and your husband could indulge yourselves in a little adult conversation not to mention some wine and food that would be somewhat less than appealing to the kids.

Speaking of the kids, I noticed a few of their favorites among the restaurants open for Thanksgiving; Burger King and McDonald's were the most noticeable with long lines. Kentucky Fried Chicken was closed as was Taco Bell, so their fast food selection would have been rather limited, but not nearly as much as the adults in the area with discerning culinary tastes.

I found this to be disappointing as it seemed the children were being rewarded with alternatives to leftover turkey and dressing, but nothing special for me. And I was the one who got up at dawn to make sure the meal was on the table by noon. Such is the life of a dedicated mother.

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