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I'm as confused as the next person over what to do in the next election. I know that we can't afford eight more years like the last eight. Is McCain just another Bush with a better service record? He's a war hero and we should honor and respect him for that, but is he up to the job of turning the tide? I heard that he voted in lock step with our current president 95% of the time. For that matter has President Bush been a victim of circumstances that may cause him to be remembered unfairly as the person in office preceding a major recession/depression? Does Barack Obama have a track record that indicates that he will do better?

As voters we have a lot of homework to do researching the Sarah Palin voting record as well as that of McCain, Obama, and Biden.

Here's an idea; let's shop for our next president using the same techniques that we use to shop for a new car.

  • Read reviews: What opinions do their constituents have about them?
  • History: Did they vote how you would have liked for them to have voted on
  • issues that are important to you in the past?
  • Performance: Did they leave the voters that elected them into office in debt up to their eyeballs?
  • Environment: Are they environmentally friendly?