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More Antibiotics and I'm Scared

We just finished a round of antibiotics and lo and behold a fever of 103 last night. This time that lovely pediatrician of mine is saying it has to be a sinus infection because her ears look fine and her chest sounds good.

Am I wrong to worry that this little lady is going to run out of effective antibiotics before she's in preschool? The MRSA thing literally keeps me awake at night worrying. We get her the flu shot because the doctor says that with her history and her asthma that it could be very dangerous for her not to get it in spite of my worry about vaccine safety and autism. Then I see in the newspaper that the darn flu shot didn't exactly hit the lottery on the number of strains that it's effective in fighting.

It's to the point that I'm obsessing and developing a raging case of insomnia. I think I may consult a counselor to help me through this so that I can get a handle on my fears. I'm no sissy and have had hardships in my life, but this is just about to beat me down into a state that's having an adverse effect on our family life. I know that my fears are real as the ped has pretty much laid it all out for me. It's my lack of ability to cope that I'm beginning to worry about. A good night's sleep would do wonders, but with my mind whirling in circles....what if, what if, what if ...... I don't really see that happening tonight, but I will pray hard that it does. If you have a empty slot in your prayer list send some thoughts my way because it's been a bad day, friend.


jennykramerphotography said...

Hi. I read your blog about your baby who has MRSA. Today I took my 5mo. old son in to the doctor b/c he had a cyst of sorts on his bum and it was red and looked sore. The doctor said it is MRSA. I am heartbroken and terrified all at the same time. I feel so uninformed and guilty that I might have done something to cause it. I can't find out any answers online as to how this will effect our lives. Any help or advise you can give me would be a comfort. my email is jennykramer08@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. My moods at any given time ranged from despair to anger. I truly believe that the MRSA was transferred to my baby from the gym. What upset me the worst was when I asked the pediatrician if the antibiotic would "cure" her and his answer was that she would always "have it". This was very confusing to me. Aren't the antibiotics supposed to wipe it out?

The best advice I can give you is to follow the directions on the medicine to the letter. Which antibiotic did the doctor prescribe?

Then do everything you can to boost the baby's natural immunities. I believe that probiotics and cod liver oil has kept my baby from ever having a bad "blister" or outbreak. I'm sending you the best thoughts and my most heartfelt prayers because I know exactly how you feel.


Anonymous said...

Hey there,

My mother sent me your blog and I feel the ergency to comment back. My daughter has also had MRSA it is so common its scary. The kicker is...there is no cure.

She is almost 6 months old and during her MRSA outbreak she also got a fever up to 103 and was so limp. I cried and held her. THe emergency room said since she is already on two antibiotics there isn't much more a hospital could do unless her temp reached 104.

I and my husband get MRSA croniclly and new it was only time until she got it as well. I first got it at a hospital while pregnant. My husband got it soon after and was even hospitalized due to his weird strand.

Here is what i have gathered. MRSA sits on your skin, much like an oily residue. There is a special soap you can have prescribe and this stuff you and your child can put in your nose. These are prevented measures only and no promises of not getting it.

If you or your child ever feel like missing a shower one day, don't. When you have a build up on your skin, mixed with a bug bite, cut, pimple or any other break in your skin it will get in and fester into the lovely MRSA.

The problem is not getting it again in a near by area. Since it is draining, after getting lanced or just a natural drain, that is pure MRSA leaking out and on to a clean skin area. Clean, clean,clean.

The goal is to not add any more MRSA from anything (sheets, clothing, burp cloths, toys) to your already MRSAed skin.

THe other best advise i can give, if you think for a moment it is MRSA, treat it quickly. DO not wait, it does not go away on its onw. Once it festers you get anti-biotics. The danger is it getting in your blood stream and causing cartiotic arrest.

If you have never had it yourself, let me exspress, until cut to drain it is EXTREMELY painful. THe pressure of this boil is words beyond belief of how quickly pain sets in. So understand your little one will be in pain, just like mine was.

It so frustrating, where did this stuff come from, why so popular and why no cure.

My long winded comment, is only to help out if i did at all, preventive measures is all you can do.

Know that EVERYONE has MRSA on their skin, its when you have too much that you get a break out. Shower and bath frequently, get the nose stuff and the soap. This can only help.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me. We are all in this together and i have made myself i bit of an expert due to how many times my family has got MRSA. So frustrating!


Anonymous said...

I am not sure about your baby but I HAD MRSA and irradicated it for atleast 1 year now by taking baths every other day with bleach AND tea tree oil. I took the baths every other day for a week then switched to once a week for a month. Also drank water with Emergen C and Grapefruit Seed Extract everyday. AND used topical antibiotics.

I have given the grapefruit seed extract (diluted always) and small portions of the emergen C to my baby with no problem. Also I have topically applied tea tree oil to her. It's the bleach I would be concerned with and the antibiotics of course.

Also if your taking antibiotics you should be replacing your good bacterial with ProBiotics like Curelle or Florarestor

Good luck.