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I'm always brainstorming for WAHM ideas and last night when talking to one of my friends who manages apartment complexes, an idea hit me. I suppose it's not really WAHM, as you have to leave the house to do the work but it's a business that would be easy to start with little if any at all start up cost.

My buddy, Marie, was fussing about how every time an occupant moved out of one of the units she had to go in and clean and repaint. The apartment complex has a painting crew but the cleaning has to be done before they show up to paint the walls.

I think that it would be an excellent home-based business to provide cleaning services for unoccupied or recently vacated apartments only.

The reason that I think a cleaning service for unoccupied apartments or homes would be preferable over occupied homes is that there probably would be no need for bonding or insurance. Right? I mean the reason those home and office cleanup crews have to have insurance is due to the risk of damaging a homeowners belongings so if there ARE NO furnishings in the space why would you need insurance?

I picked up a few houses to clean once and frankly it was a headache. One lady supplied pictures in each bedside drawer of how she wanted her pillows arranged on the bed and I had no problem with that, in fact it helped! But, there was just no way that she was going to pay a reasonable fee for how much time it all took. Maybe I tried to do things TOO well? I know that for awhile I had more houses lined up than I could do. I think it was because I was (a)Thorough (b)Too cheap

Which brings to mind, how much should one charge for occupied home cleaning vs. empty home cleaning services?

Anyway I would love to hear some thoughts on the apartment cleaning thing, since my friend would be happy to throw business my way if I ever wanted to jump in and start a business. DH wouldn't mind keeping the tribe at night for a few hours and it would be a super way to get some extra money for emergencies.