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Baby Loves Potty Training her Baby Dolls ....Or Not?

Cass has always enjoyed playing with baby dolls. In fact all of the girls still enjoy playing mommy with their special dollies from time to time. I would have thought that the older girls would have made the transition from newborn infant baby dolls funky fashion dress-up dolls, but they still will engage with the little one in the occasional pretend diaper changing and bottlefeeding (Cass still pretends to breast-feed her babies by asking if baby wants ninny! Who on earth did she get that term from? It's my grandmother's word that I've tried to get past but Cass latched onto it with the vigor of the obsessed!

For practice and basic childcare they all prefer are the realistic looking baby dolls. Most of these baby dolls are so real looking back I'm having a hard time explaining to the little one that babies don't come from the toy aisle at Wal-Mart. I've tried to point out tummies of our pregnant friends for the purpose of telling her that the baby was inside. This approach didn't make much headway because on the way home she inquired as to why on earth Susie would swallow a baby doll after she bought it at Wal-Mart. Back to the drawing board!

This is not to say that soft infant dolls are the only victims of Cass's brutal attempts at baby care, for potty training she prefers her potty training Elmo doll. There are days when I feel that if I hear Elmo announcing one more time that he has to go to the potty I will snap. I think it gives me an anxious feeling when he says he has had an accident and didn't make it to the bathroom on time. I have enough stess in my day without worrying over Elmo soiling his diaper!