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I don't know if moms in your area enjoy playing the dice game, Bunko, or not, but in my area it's written in red on most gal's calendar. There are more Bunko clubs around here than you can shake a stick at! It's the perfect opportunity (and excuse) for eight women to get together and see everybody's new home decorating project and eat somebody's cooking besides their own. Some clubs dress up and really put on the dog decking the tables and themselves out in fine style. Some serve cocktails and finger foods and say to "come as sloppy as you like". I want the best of both worlds and DH doesn't mind babysitting twice a month so I belong to one of each.

It's more or less understood that this is a mom's night out, but we do make exceptions for breastfeeding moms of newborns. Plus we love passing those sweet infants around right along with the dice used to play. We have NEVER had the first uncomfortable incident and laughed our tails off at all the uproar of breastfeeding in public, (With all the boobs in our faces for no good reason, where do they get off criticizing and censoring a mother feeding her baby?) but now we are having a problem with a breastfeeding mom. The issue is not that she is extending the unspoken breastfeeding acceptance within our club, it's that she is obsessed with breastfeeding to the point that when the dice are passed to her for her turn, she takes that opportunity to hog the dice and tell us about how many men (or people) that she has shocked that month by breastfeeding in public.

I'm afraid our club that's been together for several years is going to split over this! We are all pro-extended breastfeeding advocates, but this situation really has nothing to do with that. I feel it's an issue of selfishness and the need for one person to have the complete center stage!

More on this later. My timer just went off!