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I Almost Forgot the Tomato (Fruit or Vegetable) Debate

I almost forgot the other interesting topic of conversation from our evening out. Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

It was amazing at how much conversational mileage this worn out debate carried! I will repeat my opinion here: The tomato is a FRUIT! To the jerk with the bad hairpiece and the ugly tie, I repeat The tomato is a FRUIT!

The reason that they are classified as fruits and not veggies (no they are not sweet but that doesn't make them a veggie Mr. Philosopher Want to Be).

Their very name comes from the Latin words for "Fruit Bearer".

The reasons tomatoes are classified as fruit are as follows:

  • They grow on trees. No matter how spindly their prickly stems are, they are considered to be branches.
  • Tomatoes have seeds
  • Tomatoes have skin
  • Tomatoes have juice
  • Tomatoes contain the fruit gene (and who wants to argue with the DNA these days?)

There you go Mr. Know it All! I hope you read my blog about this burning hot topic and realize I DID GET THE LAST WORD!


Anonymous said...

Legally (in the US anyway), a tomato is a vegetable. It's classified as such based on its use, not it's actual properties.

Scientifically though, it's a fruit.

This speaks volumes for America's legal system and is a definite sign of our society's impending collapse.