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HEY EVERYBODY! Please Can the Racial Slurs and Hate.

Mom still refuses to come down here and after I broached the subject of humidity being a lame excuse, she came forth with a few more details of why she doesn't want to visit "down here".

When I quizzed her, she said that she knew people who wouldn't even ride through some of the southern states to get to another location. Apparently they would rather go hundreds of miles out of their way rather than risk riding through the cradle of racial inequality. It's obvious that she's been convinced by somebody that the state song for all southern states is Dueling Banjos straight out of Deliverance and that all the citizens are snuff spitting backwards inbreds.

This is very insulting to me (as well as the area) as I've been telling her how much we enjoyed our time here and how many wonderful friends we have made. Has she been secretly harboring thoughts that our family was being joyfully recruited into one of the racial hate groups? Maybe she really doesn't feel like hopping on a plane and flying into Memphis and seeing the Home of the Blues up close and personal and doesn't want to tell me. That would certainly make a lot more sense than the garbage that she's spewing.

I have seen just as much racial bias in the northern reaches of this great land as I have in the southern areas. But, you know what? I have not seen much....PERIOD! People of all colors and races are hating crime and drugs and terrorism, etc. but very rarely each other! At least in the circles where I am.

On that subject, mom needs to get that racial bias can be all colors. I was floored when I watched Queen Latifah's movie Beauty Shop with Alicia Silverstone and Kevin Bacon. The racism coming from the characters of color was shocking and unpleasant. The whites in the movie were reduced to uncool social misfits or stereotypes and some of the racial slurs coming from the African Americans would NEVER have been tolerated coming from white people. In fact, most white people I know wouldn't lower themselves to that level. I love Queen, but EVERYBODY needs to can the hate!


Maggie Ginsberg-Schutz said...

There's a program exclusive to Wisconsin and Mississippi called "Project Self Help and Awareness" (PSA). It's more than forty years old, and it's been "curing" racism between blacks and whites for years now, starting with kids. I wrote an article for Wisconsin Trails Magazine about it that just came out yesterday - it's not online yet, but if you give me your mailing address I'll send you a hard copy. It's pretty amazing stuff.

You could show your mom...