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Not so Fast

I just scanned yesterday's post and I can't believe how energetic I sounded. I don't feel very energetic today, that's for sure.

The babies just didn't sleep very well last night. Thunder woke them up, I think. I'm tired and they are testy. Cass got into something that has flared her allergies up something awful. On top of that when I was shampooing the carpet she slipped and bumped her chin on the hearth. She told her Mawmaw on the telephone she had a "goose egg" on her chin.


First Entry

Ok, I'm the lady you saw in the grocery and asked if my babies are twins and I said, no they were just born that close together.

Nine months apart almost to the day due to a premature hatching of nub number two.

Everything I own is double, duo or twin. And guess what....I'm pregnant again. Yep.

I had two choices:

(a) to whimper, piss and moan about how it's just not fair and how tired I am all the time or

(b) to do it in style and have fun

I have chosen option b.

I plan to shop till I drop and do the kid thing to the unth degree.

I'm gonna decorate, dress-up, do Santa, Halloween...you name it. I'm gonna have a blast if it kills me. Am I coming off manic? Don't knock it, mania may be all that's keeping me on my feet at times! HA